He is Majorcan. He raps in his tongue. Nicknamed “the Terrible Child”, VALTONYC, whose history with music is matched by his romance with justice, discovered rap with the Wu-Tang Clan, Violadores del Verso, Sean Price, Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technic and Keny Arkana.

He characterizes his music as a boombap rap. Her songs are above all combative and demanding and her influences are far from being limited to rap: sailing with Minnie Riperton, Miles Davis, Quique Gonzalez or Paco de Lucia.

For him, music is a tool for social awareness, more effective than politics: “I really like this sentence that says that art must be a hammer to shape reality”.

His texts have earned him a three-and-a-half-year sentence for “apology of terrorism”, “threats” and (we think we dream …) “insults to the crown”. Knowing that Amnesty International, in its annual report, pinpoints the “apology of terrorism” that the Spanish justice system uses excessively, it seems clear that the judgment condemning VALTONYC would be invalid if the rapper lodged an appeal with the European Human Rights Court. In the meantime, he has put himself at the disposal of the Belgian Justice (like a certain Carles Puigdemont) who refuses to proceed with his extradition.

Today, VALTONYC is not quite the same anymore. He grew up, matured and, after 15 autoproductions and a whole year spent on Belgian soil, he comes out of the shadows by telling us stories full of perspectives and offers himself, with this first album labeled, a Renaissance.

His pen remains intact, free, provocative with a rare poetic and metaphorical dimension. VALTONYC is accompanied by talented instrumentalists; namely Boris Schmidt, Manuel Hermia, Bart Maris, Maarten Decombel, under the musical direction of eRno le Mentholé, to flesh out this rap, and give it a disconcerting richness and very pictorial. Supported by DJs and artists from his country such as Ossian, Sr. Oca, Etxart Casas, Poor Tramit and Balle, VALTONYC signs, with “Piet Hein”, an aesthetic album, out of time, freed from the usual codes and fashion effects .

The metaphor is found in the title: “Piet Hein” is a Dutch pirate of the sixteenth century who, after being locked up for a long time by the Spaniards, takes his revenge and returns as a hero in his country.

Valtònyc’s fight ? Freedom of expression, opinion and creation. He is now a refugee in Belgium and his music and lyrics resonate like so many powerful hymns that will soon become timeless classics.

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