There is no more obvious association than the word “camiño” (the path) with the city of Santiago de Compostela, especially when this association is supported by four of its most proud ambassadors : IALMA, these four delightful “cantareiras” who, for almost 20 years, have been singing and playing their region of origin – Galicia – all over the world.
Since their debut, and ‘Palabras Darei’, their first album, how many paths traveled.

Paths still virgin, at the turn of which is the meeting, often unexpected but how rich in discoveries ; cross roads that feel good adventure and freedom ; steep paths that have sometimes cast doubt on the way to take ; devious paths, sources of new experiences ; paths that have crossed the roads of many artists to different universes, with which they have not hesitated to do … a little bit of way, such as Dulce Pontes, Carlos Nuñez, Kepa Junkera, Mercedes Peon, Eliseo Parra, but also Arno, Zefiro Torna, Philippe Catherine, Renaud, Lucilla Galeazzi, Leila Amezian, Manou Gallo, Carlo Rizzo, Quentin Dujardin, Dick Van der Harst, Urban Trad, Fabrizio Cassol, N’Faly Kouyate, Perry Rose, …

Although resident in Brussels, Veronica, Natalia, Marisol and Eva are in permanent connection with Galicia. The musical culture and the Galician traditions are indeed their inexhaustible sources of inspiration which allowed them to build, little by little, a vast repertoire of songs borrowed from their roots but adapted to their everyday life: that of women of today , in touch with several cultures, several languages, several musical aesthetics.

IALMA is the witness of this musical and artistic evolution that began in the Galician oral tradition and then ventured into surprising mixes, with new generations of rhythms and trends.

“To discover new musical cultures allows us to enrich ours even more”.

This is the best way to define the evolution of IALMA‘s artistic project and its important contribution to perpetuate, renovate and evolve this particular musical genre.

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