Esteban MURILLO, from the Charleroi region (Belgium), was born on July 31, 1995. From an early age, he took classical guitar lessons and then turned to flamenco guitar. Flamenco has been an integral part of his life since his birth : his grandfather’s voice and his uncle’s guitar echo in the little house of his maternal grandparents.

The singing seduced him a few years later while he accumulates concerts with the group Suena Flamenco. His passion is such that it took place imminently.

Over the years, Esteban shares with several internationally renowned artists, such as Carlos Piñana, Rosi Navarro “La Divi”, Federico Ordoñez, Ruben Molina, Antonio Martinez, Marisol Valderrama, Jose Luis Medina, Juan Manuel Zurano, Dani Barba, José-Luis Domínguez, Mathilde Fornelli Antón, Yúrentz Bermúdez, Saïdjah Galo “The Zambra”, Antonio Segura, Serge Dacosse, Alex Otero, Francois Taillefer, Patricio Grande … In 2013, he participates in the first part of the concert of the Spanish singer Niña Pastori at the Royal Circus in Brussels.

Leyenda, first album of Esteban, released in December 2014. Fusion between pop and flamenco, it is composed and arranged by Giacomo Aronica and Silvano Macaluso. As for texts, Esteban calls on Carlos Vaquera, Luis González, his grandfather Paco Murillo and Yoni Vidal. This project started the show Leyenda with which he and his musicians will travel to Belgium for two years.

In May 2018, Esteban released his new album Mi Verdad, born from his desire to return to the essence of flamenco and his tribute to the great Andalusian poet, Federico García Lorca. This new album is the fruit of a collaboration with exceptional artists among whom we find Myrddin de Cauter, Bart Maris, Ialma, Jose Luis Domínguez, Antonio Paz and many others. On the stage, the show Mi Verdad Flamenca brings togeher Anthony Carrubba “El Carru”, François Taillefer, Giacomo Aronica, Silvano Macaluso and Marisol Valderrama Guerrero.

In 2019, Esteban participates, in the company of Anthony Carrubba, to the design of In-Puro, the new creation of the dancer Federico Ordoñez. He also joins the Impressies van Spanje, project produced by La Barraca and plays on various Flemish scenes. At the same time, he joined Parisian dance company Rubén Molina with whom he performed in Paris, Corsica, southern France and Germany. Recently, Esteban is selected by the Jeunesses Musicales of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation for a new show for a young audience in Wallonia and Brussels schools. This new creation, ‘Dans les pas de Paco’, honors his grandfather, the poetry of Federico García Lorca and the transmission of flamenco.

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